Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Flowers For Valentines - This Year's Top Ten Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas From Big Fat Balloons

Knowing that Valentine’s Day is filled with expectation (and stress), Big Fat Balloons, flowers for valentines the online helium balloon and gift store has put together its top ten Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Ranging from expensive to inexpensive, friendly to intimate, this top ten Valentine’s Day gift list is designed to make it a happy Valentine’s Day for everyone.

With February 14th fast approaching, card shops and store fronts are rapidly turning red with heart-shaped reminders of the most romantic day of the year.
But deciding on a Valentine's gift to impress a loved one isn’t always easy, which is why Big Fat Balloons, the balloons, teddy bears and gifts store, has put together its top ten gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Sophie Baxter, managing director said:
“Valentine’s Day comes with a great deal of expectation and stress. If you haven’t been together very long, finding an appropriate gift can be difficult, while if you’re married or in a long-term relationship, thinking up new ideas to impress your spouse or partner can sometimes feel like a chore."
“While not all our ideas are suitable for all couples, we’ve tried to offer gift ideas that vary from inexpensive to expensive, and from friendly to more intimate.”
1 - Jewellery
Any jewellery is a welcome gift, but to be in the number one spot, it has to be the ultimate item of jewellery for Valentine’s Day - the diamond engagement ring. After all, valentine's day will be the perfect opportunity for those who are considering proposing to their girlfriend (or boyfriend, for that matter).
2 - A romantic weekend in Paris
Or a romantic weekend anywhere for that matter! A trip to New York, Prague, London or a secluded place in the country would be equally welcome. It’s getting away together that really matters. It is worth remembering that the little extra touches such as flowers, Valentine's balloons, chocolates or champagne in the room on arrival, will make all the difference.
3 - An experience day for two
An experience day for two can be a great surprise. "Book something that they’ve always wanted to do, such as drive a Ferrari or jump out of a plane. While the activities might not be romantic; the fact that you’ve made their dream come true, certainly is," comments Sophie Baxter from Big Fat Balloons.
5 - A romantic meal at your favourite restaurant
No Valentine’s Day gift list would be complete without a romantic meal at a favourite restaurant. But it’s the little touches that can make this gift extra-special. It is beat to book well in advance and request a table in a secluded corner. A bottle of their favourite wine or some champagne will make the evening more exciting.
6 - Champagne and chocolates
While not the most original idea, champagne and Belgian chocolates are still a welcome gift. Presentation is key. Having them delivered to to the recipient home or work or making sure they are wrapped beautifully will make your Valentine's gift feel more special.
7 - A huge bouquet of flowers
It's easy to add a twist to this traditional Valentine’s gift by ordering the recipient's favourite flowers and colours. As every month has a special flower, do some research and include the flower that relates to his or her birthday in the bouquet.
8 - A teddy bear
Everyone needs a big cuddle from time to time, no matter their age.Those who can't give a cuddle in person on Valentine's Day, can send a teddy bear to give their loved one a big hug. Sophie Baxter, Director at Big Fat Balloons explains "Teddy bears are a huge hit at this time of the year. Me to You teddy bears - with love you messages are especially popular as customers can find a bear to suit most recipients.".
9 - An evening to yourself
Couples with children often find the most romantic thing they can do is spend time alone together. Arranging for a relative or friend to have the kids overnight and enjoying an evening together can make for a special Valentine's Day.
Even for those who don’t have children, an evening in can be equally romantic. They could cook a special meal for the two or for a complete break, order a takeaway.
10 - A movie night in
Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean going out and spending lots of money; why not stay in and have an intimate date for two. A few red and white glow in the dark illoom balloons will be ideal to create a romantic atmosphere. Instead of going out to the cinema, why not recreate a movie theatre at home with a romantic film and snuggle up together in your very own back row,n.
10 - A romantic walk
Weather dependent, a walk can be a great way to spend time together with no distractions other than the beauty of the surroundings (and each other!).
It's worth remembering that on Valentine’s Day, it’s the thought that counts. So the most important thing this Valentine’s Day, is for couples to remember to let each other know how much they love the other!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Flowers For Valentines - Plan Ahead for Valentine’s Day Deals

February the 14th heralds the return of Valentine’s Day, our annual opportunity to demonstrate how special our partners are to us and indulge in a little bit of shameless romantic fun together. You might be planning a meal in a romantic restaurant, flowers for valentines, gifts or even a short getaway. This article is going to show you how you can use the power of voucher websites such as Groupon to make your money stretch farther than you would ever imagine possible, giving you access to a host of high class VIP experiences and helping you build lasting memories for you and your loved one.
Voucher sites such as Groupon harness the group buying power of the Internet to provide consumers truly staggering discounts on a broad range of products and services. You can make up to 70% savings, so your funds can stretch much further and you may be able to think a bit bigger than you were originally planning. Take this for example: if you fancy getting some winter sunshine, what could be more romantic than a trip to the beautiful city of Rome where you can obtain a number of exciting deals, including the offer of a two-night stay at the fabulous Hotel Rouge et Noir for a mere £75. This 4 star hotel boasts beautiful architecture and is a short hop from Rome’s vibrant city centre allowing easy access to all the attractions this magnificent city has to offer. A 62% saving makes for a great deal; just grab a budget flight to complete your journey.
Back to the UK and the offers continue to flow. There are some exceptional deals in Manchester for the thrifty romantic. How about a night away in a chic country hotel taking in the splendour of the Yorkshire moors en route? The Queen Hotel offers this charming mini break for a mere £55 (saving you £71.40) including dinner for two, a bottle of wine and breakfast. Wrap up warm for an evening together then take in the rolling windswept countryside the next day for a perfect getaway.
If you fancy a taste of up market pampering, then the Groupon deals in Liverpool page has an offer that may be right up your street. Head over and you can grab an overnight stay at the magnificent Crabwall Manor for only £99. Set in fairytale surroundings, this is the perfect destination for Valentine’s love, offering postcard views and incredible lodgings. Not only are you wined and dined with dinner, breakfast and a glass of wine on arrival but this deal includes full spa access, a spa treatment each and complimentary late checkout. Choices include Indian head massage, hot stone massages, facials and pedicures or manicures for the ultimate in relaxation. Grab this one at a whopping saving of £206.90 for a night to remember.
You can find similar deals in Newcastle like a stay for two at the Forest Hills Hotel and Spa. This hotel, set near the stunning panoramic countryside of North Wales, offers a taste of country living with full access to the spa for a night to remember for a bargain £49.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Flowers For Valentines To Feel Very Special Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day the most romantic day of the year. It is a time to bring their true feelings for that special person in your life to express. One of the most romantic ways to express feelings is to give the gift of flowers. They are not only a romantic gift, but they are a decorative addition to your home. Flowers for valentines is one of the best ways to communicate feelings of your heart to say, then someone know how much the building or is it really means to you. Valentine’s Day flowers to buy for a special person to inspire a romantic occasion, which was completed. Romantic spirit of Valentine's Day flowers for your gift, the message that accompanies Valentine's Day flowers to think. Each bouquet comes with a personal message from you, the Valentine's Day flower delivery, so that the emotions of this Note as the number one love. Affectionate and charming
You can buy flowers online, online florist flowers are the easiest and most convenient way to give her what she really wants the gift of Valentine's Day is a kind of lush flowers, perfume will be on site, and many arrangements are very accessible, but is a special day when you can afford it, should be blind to the impressive selection can be found. There are many days of delivery of the same flower shops. A red rose is a classic and romantic and is the best gift ideas, Valentine's Day, but all kinds of flowers for valentines thank you. Whether you choose to velvety red roses or a bouquet of flowers vary in color, is sure to feel very special Valentine's Day 14th February. Every woman loves Valentine's Day gifts, traditional and luxury, why we wrapped a selection of flowers for Valentine's Day in cellophane and tied with a ribbon always the most popular choice for this romantic day and Roses you put some chocolates on Valentine's Day or range are filled. Flowers will help make our feelings of romantic love. Roses are one of the most popular gifts around the world shows love romantic roses. Roses are not the only type of people who give flowers on Valentine's Day romantic. There are some cheap flowers and various types of Valentine's flowers with different shades of colors and flavors that you can accurately express how you feel. Lilacs and daffodils are beautiful flowers that emit a wonderful fragrance. White or purple lilac is sincerity. Orchids are a number of attractive, symbolize sensuality. White lilies are a wonderful way to bring your love, harmony and purity of expression. Here you will find beautiful fresh flowers for the collection of Valentine, who can bring the warmth of his love of expression. Find the perfect flowers for Valentine's Day. And send special flowers for valentines someone you care about.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

flowers for valentines - The Virtual Valentine’s Day Guide From TheNextWeb

By wide request, the lovely TNW virtual holiday franchise continues on. After the smash hit Thanksgiving and Christmas guides, we are proud to bring you the Virtual Valentine’s Day Guide.

If this post is to simulate  the holiday, it should be a tract of over-hyped piffle that leads one along only to be left unsatisfied and alone at the end clutching a box of tissue, eating chocolate while drinking flat champagne, all the while bitterly complaining about another human, and their previously hidden, and now obvious, shortcomings.

I hope that this post does, well, in light of all that, disappoint. Shall we?

Valentines Day, or the Day of Saint Valentine (who was beheaded sometime in the ancient past, whatever), is supposed to be a lovely day filled with rose petal laden beds and giggling in heart-shaped bath tubs. If you do not live in Dubai, the view isn’t as good from your expensive hotel suite, but you do what you can. Lucky for your little hide, you can get a look at the views that other people will enjoy, and you will not. Take a look here.

In reality, the slim percentage of couples that get to the holiday happy invariably enter a tailspin of martial discord during its execution (ha). It adds unneeded stress to normal relationships. Best of all, you have to guess what they want in terms of a gift (alas). And guess correctly, or pay the price (again, alas). Play this guessing game to get in the mood to be frustrated.

But what would The Day o’ The Old Valentina be without some pink baubles? Get to it with this despicable bouquet or roses that no matter how many times you buy them, will never look like that when they arrive.

Let’s see, we covered what the day us supposed to be, what it actually is, how to get pre-mad in preparation, and what your gift will fail to be like. Ah! We need to cover how to handle the inevitable collapse of the day, your plans, your relationship and the like. Drown your sorrows in this realistic virtual drinking game, it’s at least entertaining.

Now curl up and read a Paul Carr post and let the inanity weave your thoughts into dreams. Alone.

There you have it folks, the very last TNW virtual guide, from here on out it is Yahoo Answers and Mahalo. Best of luck, you will need it.

Monday, 9 January 2012

flowers for valentines - Loveland valentine heart message order forms available

Citizens in the past have submitted valentine messages with phrases like "Tom Loves Debby," "B&K a groovy kind of love," "Oatmeal Loves Toast" and "Dwayne, my king of hearts."

Valentine heart order forms are now available from the Thompson Valley Rotary Club.

The messages will be placed on red hearts on light poles high above Eisenhower Boulevard, Cleveland Avenue, Lincoln Avenue and Fourth Street for the month of February.

The Rotary Club is partnering with the Loveland Chamber of Commerce this year and is offering new ordering options.

As in the past, heart messages can be ordered in person at both Loveland locations of The Group Inc. Real Estate: 1401 W. 29th St. or 5401 Stone Creek Circle.

The forms can also be mailed "attn: Thompson Valley Rotary Club" at either location, and orders can be placed online.

After 11 a.m. today to pay with a credit card.

"Sometimes the messages are a secret between the two people. No one else knows what it means," said Lindsay Cantley, the Heart Chair for the Rotary Club.

Organizations like Loveland Youth Gardeners, the Thompson R2-J School District and St. John's church also write messages thanking volunteers.

The club hangs 300 hearts every year and will start painting the hearts and then hanging them the last week of January.

For details, call the Loveland Group offices at 613-0700 or 663-0700.

The Rotary Club tries to honor location requests but can't guarantee them. Forms and payments must be received by Feb. 1, 2012.

"People love valentines. It's a great way to show the world that you care about somebody," Cantley said.

Jessica Benes can be reached at 669-5050, ext. 530,

Thursday, 5 January 2012

flowers for valentines - How to host a singles-only party for Valentine's Day

Instead of cursing Saint Valentine this year, singles should celebrate him.
Just because you're unattached doesn't mean you have to feel confined to isolation island on Feb. 14. In fact, the holiday of love provides the perfect opportunity to connect with other singles.

"I would tell people that Valentine's Day is actually the best day to go out as a single because you get to know that anyone you're meeting out on that day is actually legitimately single," said Amber Soletti, co-founder of OnSpeedDating and Single and the City, two companies that host events for available New Yorkers.

One way to ensure socializing among singles is to plan a mixer for those without a Valentine this year. "I think what's always a cool idea is to maybe invite all your single friends but then have them each invite either an ex they're still friendly with or another single friend so that it's not just your core group that you're mixing with but that there's actually new people, outside people that you could potentially meet," Soletti said.

As for the setting, Alexandra Hedin, author of "Entertaining At Home" (Sea Script Company, $24.95), recommended holding the party where you live in order to achieve a laid-back atmosphere. "It makes it feel the most relaxed and comfortable and intimate and people feel like they can hang out," she said. "I think sometimes when you go somewhere it gets a little more intimidating. And especially if you're talking about Valentine's Day for singles."

Soletti also suggested reaching out to a lounge to host the party on Valentine's Day, which falls on a Tuesday this year. "That's typically an off night from the bars and stuff," she said. "So you can mention to them that you'll probably have 20 to 30 people and you could probably get a private area."

Decorations can become a tricky part of planning a Valentine's Day singles gathering. Hedin mentioned including certain traditional elements while excluding the most romantic. "Pink and red and purple are fun ways to spice up the house and make it not feel so dreary," she said. "But I probably wouldn't do hearts. I think just big bouquets of flowers. I think sometimes the food and candy is great for decorations too, especially at Valentine's Day. There's a lot of iconic candy that you can just fill a big dish with. It's a little more tongue in cheek and a little more fun than handing someone a big heart-shaped box of chocolates."

But hosts don't have to stick to a Valentine's Day-specific theme. "Do something out of the box and different," said Kristen Quackenbush, executive director of matchmaking for the Philadelphia-based company Master Matchmakers, in an email interview. "Instead of red roses and romance, make it a 'white' party or a beach theme."

Martie Duncan, party expert and blogger at Martie Knows Parties, ( suggested trying out her "Wine Around the World" idea. "It's great for a singles mixer party, especially if there are people who don't really know each other very well because everybody can bring a wine from a country they've either been to or want to go to and they can bring a dish that goes with it," she said.

While no single wants to be caught overindulging at the snack table or wet bar, it is important to offer guests refreshments. "Have some food on hand but you want to have sexy food like chocolate-covered strawberries or something that's really easy to eat and not gonna gross people out," Soletti said.

When it comes to alcohol, Hedin recommended keeping things simple. "I would always suggest a signature cocktail of some sort," she said. "Partially because it's fun to do something different and unique but also it cuts down a lot on your bar expenses and your bar knowledge if you just have one cocktail and then beer and wine."

While planning out the party, it's crucial to remember the whole point of the event - to get singles interacting. "You could have all those heart decorations and candy and stuff but if there's nothing really to do or icebreakers or things that are gonna get people engaged then it's kind of for naught," Soletti said.

Soletti suggested having guests participate in a scavenger hunt in which they have to answer questions about one another. "It's just a really good way to go up to people and be like 'oh where are you from?' and start these conversations," Soletti said. "You then would complete your form and turn it in for some kind of prize. It's usually very good and it gets people talking and learning about each other."

Of course, you can't expect every single to be excited to go out on the big day of love. For those who are feeling reluctant, emphasize that your party is a stress-free zone.

"I think the best way is just to really let your friends know that there's no pressure," Hedin said. "This isn't you trying to set them up with someone but that this is just a group of friends having a good time, recognizing Valentine's Day as a reason to celebrate the day but not necessarily to be in love. Just to take the pressure off the day, I think, is the most important part for people who are single."

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

flowers for valentines - Mexico keeps breaking world records

Mexico is setting a record pace--again.

Hardly a month goes by without someone here breaking a world record, or claiming to. The world's biggest cup of hot chocolate. Most people kissing at once. Longest carpet of flowers. Biggest group haircut. Recently, people were flocking to the parking lot of a stadium in Mexico City to see what promoters called the World's Biggest Nativity Scene: a faux Bethlehem covering five acres and populated with 1,000 life-size figures.

On Dec. 13 came recognition for the World's Biggest Soccer Tournament, with 12,000 teams and a player roster larger than the population of the city of Glendale. In November, the living dead took center stage: Nearly 10,000 people smeared with fake blood lurched through Mexico City's central plaza in what organizers said was the World's Biggest Zombie Walk.

The record-setting phenomenon is, in part, testament to the eye-popping scale of the Mexican capital, the venue for many of the record-breaking stunts. About 20 million people jam this place. On many days, it's a certainty that you are stuck in the World's Most Hopeless Traffic Snarl or packed inside the World's Hottest and Most Crowded Subway Car. Having so much humanity available means it's not hard to scoop up at least a few thousand for the most obscure record-setting event.

In the recent zombie walk, ghoulish participants gathered to call for an end to discrimination, collect food for impoverished children and draw attention to a Mexican horror film festival. Event organizers are gathering videos, lists of participants and other evidence to have the zombie walk registered by Guinness World Records. The quest for world records can be a way to boost a social cause, as when 4,125 people in pink created the longest human ribbon in Mexico City in October to publicize the fight against breast cancer.

Or the event can serve as a gimmick for tourism or other commerce. Mexico City authorities have hyped some of their seasonal projects as record-setters, including the biggest ice-skating rink (344,000 square feet) and artificial Christmas tree (362 feet high and 115 feet across). The gigantic Nativity scene was mounted by a Colombian company that charges as much as $5 to enter. The village, with 57 separate scenes and looking like something out of "Life of Brian," is done up with fake camels and palm trees and actors in robes and gladiator sandals.

Robotic plastic figures depict the biblical story of the Annunciation, when the archangel Gabriel tells Mary that she is to give birth. Adrian Lozano, the project's media director, said the installation set the record last year in the Colombian city of Cali, but that this Mexican version is even larger. "We wanted a big city that would provide a platform for the whole world to see," Lozano said.

Some regard the records fixation as plain silly and say it may be a sign of a shortcoming in the Mexican makeup. "We don't like to compete. They are records based on the idea of not competing," commentator Carlos Elizondo Mayer-Serra once wrote. "If we have the tallest Christmas tree in the world, it's only because our city government decided to use our taxes to make one taller, and called in a Brazilian company to do it."

But during a period when Mexico has suffered economic troubles and horrific drug violence, what's a better diversion than making the world's biggest taco (200 feet long in the city of Queretaro in November) or getting the most people to dance folkloric ballet at the same time (457 dancers in Guadalajara in September)? Pablo Guisa, who organized the zombie walk, said most of the Mexican records, such as the mass kiss in Mexico City a few years ago (39,897 people), are "pretty stupid."

Nonetheless, he said, they help take the pressure off. "In a country with so much violence and so many crises, to be able to take people out of their reality for a moment to be part of something bigger is, in the end, a good thing ... even if the effort is a bit empty," Guisa said.

With so much record-chasing, Mexicans sometimes find that the only marks left to smash are their own. Astronomy buffs here announced last month that they had surpassed their previous record for mass moon-gazing, with more than 15,000 people peering through 2,753 telescopes. And anyway, who doesn't want to leave a mark? "In the United States, they're very perfectionist. Mexicans try, but we tend to settle for less," said Lily Juarez, a Mexico City native who lives in San Antonio and was visiting the Nativity display. "We say, 'If we don't reach it, that's OK,' " she said. "But we do like to break records."